What’s in your Parent/Child CommunicaTION?

When children experience dialogue with their parents as being heavy in direction and correction they will hear parental questions of interest as interrogation. They will expect whatever they tell their parent about their day will lead to correction or direction…which will then feel like condemnation. Researchers tell us in healthy parent/child relationships the communication ratio is typically 4 positive, affirming comments to 1 negative or correcting comment. In struggling relationships, to create something positive the ratio would increase to 8 to 1. Yikes! That means for every direction or correction statement, I need to say 8 non-direction, non-correction statements. To be successful, I am going to need to know WHAT to say.

“We Need the Armor of God”

As believers, we are constantly in a war. Not with flesh and blood entities, but in the spiritual realm. God provides us with the armor we need to fight these spiritual battles. He gives us the belt of truth, body armor of righteousness, shoes of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and … Read more“We Need the Armor of God”

Life Lessons Learned On the Court

Team sports offer youth the ability to learn the following life lessons: you don’t control the world, the value of teaching rather than finding faults, encouragement motivates – criticism discourages, mistakes are part of life, each person has a part to play and each person is gifted in some way but not necessarily the same as others, and your identity and value is not based on performance.