In the midst of the current COVID-19 crisis, we are pleased to continue to offer psychological support and therapy services to our clients and community through telehealth/video sessions. These sessions allow for continuity of care, flexibility to attend sessions from home, and allows our licensed providers to see anyone across the state of Texas, regardless of location.

Telehealth has become a popular method for therapeutic services, and research supports similar efficacy to in-person sessions. Telehealth therapy can be used with all ages, and across most conditions.

Prior to your scheduled session time, you will receive a unique link, which will allow you to access your video session.  Please do not share this link with anyone who is not authorized to be in your session.

Your session should take place in a safe, quiet, and private environment.  Your therapist will also be in a confidential environment.

If you are using a computer or a laptop with a camera and microphone, no additional equipment or software is needed.  You may wish to use your phone or tablet to attend your session, which will require an app to be downloaded.  You’re welcome to use headphones, but they’re not required.

For child or play therapy clients, your therapist may provide a list of materials for the session.  Your therapist may also send you worksheets or a supply “kit” that can be worked on during session.

We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas PPO (TXBLS).  Determining if your telehealth sessions will be covered, is dependent on each individual plan.  Please reach out to your insurance company directly to ensure telehealth will be covered.

For any questions or more information on scheduling a telehealth session, please contact us.  For current clients, please reach out to your therapist directly.