Where is God when I need Him?

This information is taken from “Where is God when I most need Him?” by Rob Heinrich, MA, LPC.

“Ephesians 6:12 maintains that our core battle is not with what we see, but with the unseen. Greg Boyd uses an example from WWII as a means of making a parallel with our spiritual struggles. He points out that war has casualties, and decisions have to be made in light of the overall battle. He goes on to paint a picture of a general of the allied forces who had a daughter and son-in-law living in a cottage on Normandy Beach at the time of the great invasion. The general was able to get word to his daughter that she and her husband needed to stay put until after the battle was over. However, he gave them a means of communicating by radio and told them to let him know when they had needs and he would respond. When they would run out of something or need medical supplies, they would let him know and he was always there with supplies. One day their calls for supplies went unheeded. They had injuries and were running out of food. They desperately called out over and over on the radio, but there was no response.

Questions started to form about whether their father was listening. Was he alive? Did he not care? He eventually responded, but not until they had endured serious suffering. Only after the war was over was he able to explain that if he had responded to their frantic calls, he would have given their position away. His response at that time would have drawn enemy gunfire and would have put them in greater danger. He was completely aware of their plight, but was completely invested in what was in his beloved children’s best interest. So it is with God who constantly has our eternal best interest in mind and won’t intervene if, in fact, His intervention will cause a greater or eternal devastation that He can only see and anticipate.”

It is very difficult at times to remember God’s sovereignty, but vitally important!