Be-Attitudes of Successful Parenting

Are you looking for some parenting advice? Here are some practical tips that you can start using right away:


Be an Encourager

 -Praise effort more than outcome.

-Give choices as often as possible.


Be Affectionate

-Give lots of hugs, kisses, and high-fives.

-Say “I love you” often


Be a Teacher

-Incorporate learning into daily activities.

-Allow mistakes & teach problem-solving skills.


Be the Example

-Children remember more of that they see than what they hear.

-Set the standard for your family’s values and morals.


Be a Strong Communicator

-Be consistent with expectations and consequences.

-Help your child learn the art of listening.


Be Real

-Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes and say “I’m sorry.”

-Your child needs to know you aren’t perfect.


Be Playful

-Allow for unstructured play time.

-Enroll them in a sport/hobby but don’t go overboard.