Cameron Gibson, MS, LPC Associate


Supervised by Dr. Lisa Grubbs, Ph.D., LPC-S, CSC, GC-C, NCC

With a passion for empowering individuals to navigate life’s challenges, I bring over four years of dedicated experience in school counseling to my role as an LPC Associate. My journey in the field of mental health and counseling began when I graduated with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling from Texas Woman’s University.

During my internship and practicum, I had the privilege of working with a diverse range of individuals, spanning from late elementary to early adulthood. This invaluable experience exposed me to a wide spectrum of issues, including time management, stress-related challenges, childhood trauma, depression, and anxiety. It became abundantly clear that the experiences we have as children profoundly shape our perspectives as adults and influence the way we navigate life’s intricacies.

Another area of specialty is working with athletes of all ages.  As an athlete myself, I realize the importance of mindset during both training and competition.  Partnering with those who are working to achieve excellence in their sport and struggling to manage their inner critic is a passion of mine.

My guiding philosophy centers on the belief that every child and young adult, regardless of their background or life circumstances, deserves to feel valued and heard. I view the counseling space as a sacred ground where individuals can freely express themselves, unburden their hearts, and work towards personal growth. I’m dedicated to fostering an environment built on genuine relationships, empathy, and understanding.

Through active listening, empathy, and the formation of authentic connections, I aspire to create a therapeutic setting where individuals can rediscover their true selves. It’s my firm belief that this self-discovery and healing within the counseling room can have a profound impact on how individuals engage with the world beyond those four walls.

As an LPC Associate, I’m committed to walking alongside my clients on their unique journeys toward greater mental and emotional well-being. Together, we can explore, heal, and build the foundation for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

I’m excited to embark on this journey of growth, healing, and transformation with you. Let’s work together to unlock your potential and create positive changes in your life.