Betsy Morand, MS, LPC, ATR


Hi, my name is Elizabeth L. Morand, however, I have gone by the name of Betsy most of my life. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Art Therapist. I work with clients from a client centered approach. More importantly I work with my clients to find their creative expression through art where words fail to tell the story. I have seen the use of art and other expressive modalities explain the layers and complexities of issues in a way that other modalities do not.

I specialize in ages 8 to adults. I have worked in a variety of clinical settings that would include in-patient treatment centers for both children and adults, out-patient treatment centers for both children and adults, children in the foster care system, state run residential treatment centers, educational environments, veterans, and children with special needs including children on the spectrum.

I believe human beings are not defined by our emotional/mental health but rather are driven by many other facets of our lives. The emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of each of us is key to collaborating in the healing process.

My 17 years of experience as an art teacher and dyslexia interventionist have contributed to my success with art therapy and children. Helping children understand their differences and celebrating those differences gives me great joy. Additionally, aiding children to advocate for themselves and capitalizing on their strengths helps them to reduce stress and strengthen their self-image.

Lastly, if a picture can tell a thousand words, then how much more can art therapy reveal what our minds already know that we do not acknowledge. Helping clients arrive at their own answers through art is an experience that both myself and the client get to revel in.

Licensed Professional Counselor (TX# 82532)

Registered Art Therapist (TX# 21-480)