Frisco Marriage Counseling

image of couple 1Planting Seeds  does offer marriage or couples counseling.  Our counselors providing this service utilize an

approach based in attachment theory when working with couples.  In addition, our counselors are trained in

the Gottman method and will incorporate many tools and techniques originated by Dr. Gottman in their sessions.

We will meet with each couple together, then each person individually as the therapeutic process begins.  Our sessions

are geared towards positive and compassionate  interaction, application of new tools and an emphasis on each party

developing a new understanding and sense of respect for one another.  Currently, the therapists offering couples

counseling are:

Frisco counselor Jennifer Stripling   Jennifer Stripling, MS, MEd, LPC


frisco therapist tami schowTami Schow, MS, LPC-Intern supervised by Jennifer Bradt


frisco-therapist-jennifer bradtJennifer Bradt, MS, LPC-S, NCC