Counseling Services

We believe that scripture is the true and inspired word of God and that within it we can find direction, purpose and guidance for our lives. At our practice we will honor each person’s right to self-determination and the exercise of free will. As such, we will not attempt to coerce anyone to share in our particular position. We welcome the opportunity to assist our clients in processing their faith questions and experiences. Our intent is to lead them towards a healthy understanding of their spiritual selves and to encourage them to seek a community within which they may continue to grow in their spiritual journey. Our hope is that clients will experience at Planting Seeds the respect and grace that Christ offered to all who crossed His path.  As such, we offer services to those of all faith traditions and world religions as well as those who are not seeking faith-based services.

At Planting Seeds Counseling and Coaching, our independent contractors offer the following counseling services:

  • Play therapy
    A developmentally-appropriate approach for young children utilizing their language of play
  • Family therapy
    Assisting families who struggle to peacefully co-exist
  • Counselor Supervision
  • Couples / Marriage Counseling and Coaching
    Assisting couples in learning to more effectively communicate, survive a loss or major transition, heal from a betrayal and develop a deeper connection with each other
  • Parent consultation
    Sessions with parents only to address concerns and discuss new tools to better equip them in their daily lives in an effort to strengthen the parent-child relationship
  • Individual adult therapy
    A place to safely process struggles
  • Parent Coaching
  • Professional consultation
    Working with other professionals who are a part of the child’s life
    School consultation
    Observing and/or consulting with staff in the school setting in an effort to assist the child in all environments
  •  Trauma based interventions: EMDR, Brainspotting
  • Art therapy
    Utilizes creative techniques to assist individuals in expressing themselves and improve mental and emotional well-being
  • Group therapy–details provided under Counseling tab

Please call us if you have any questions about available Frisco  or Prosper Counseling Services at Planting Seeds.