Classes Offered

At Planting Seeds Center for Wellness, we are so excited to incorporate yoga/movement therapy into our offerings for those seeking wellness.  Research continues to support the importance of caring for both the mind and the body and to create space to reconnect these two aspects of ourselves.  We hope you find a course that invites you to take the next step in your wellness goals.

Chair Yoga

This gentle class is for anyone interested in the health benefits of yoga without having to be on the floor.  Students perform postures (asanas) with the aid of a chair.  Students of any age, level of health/fitness, and those with limited mobility, joint issues or recovering from injury can experience the many benefits of yoga without having the concern of getting up or down from the floor.  Benefits include increased balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, concentration/focus and stress reduction.  Chairs and props are provided to keep everyone safe and supported.

*Chair yoga is approved by the Arthritis Foundation to ease the aches and pains of arthritis sufferers.

Faithful Flow

This class is joyful, peaceful and can help you de-stress, putting you in the right frame of mind to start your day.  It will get you centered and enjoying sun salutations with a groove.  Each class introduces a variety of poses (asanas) designed to build strength and stamina, energizing your morning.  All levels welcome.  Props are provided, just bring your own mat.

*If you struggle with depression or anxiety, try beginning your day by attending Faithful Flow.

Gentle Yoga

This class is a wonderful way to start or end the day.  You will be encouraged to focus on mind, body, breath, connection, centering thoughts and alignment of postures (asanas).  This is a softer, nurturing, well supported class that is perfect for the beginner or for the most experienced yogi to reconnect with breath and intention.

*If you struggle with anxious thoughts at the beginning or end of you day, try incorporating this class.

R&R Flow (Recoup & Restore)

This class is a blend of gentle recuperative vinyasa and restorative yoga and is all about self-care and reducing stress for the end of your hectic day.  Through the recuperative vinyasa portion of class students will connect to their bodies through movement, music and breath, focusing on listening to the body and giving it what it needs.  Transitioning into the restorative yoga portion students will allow the body to rest, supported by blankets, blocks or bolsters.  Providing the body with physical support helps the body and mind to come into a state of relaxation.  As the body rests, muscle tension begins to release, stress begins to melt away and the mind begins to quiet– all aiding the natural healing process of our bodies.  All levels welcome.  Props are provided.

Restorative Yoga

This class is designed to help release stress and unwind the body.  Yoga props (blankets, blocks and bolsters) are used for support to allow the body to completely relax into poses.  You will leave this class relaxed, refreshed and renewed.

Slow Flow

Slow Flow invites participants to achieve a slower life pace while learning poses and how to move, breathe, and stretch between poses. Slow flow brings the element of time into the practice. The practitioner has time to evaluate how and when a pose should to be modified.  In addition, the practitioner has the time to mentally engage with the body, as it moves through a series.  This class is a wonderful practice in discovering one’s personal limitations and learning how to move past those limitations.

Vinyasa Flow

This class will develop your strength, flexibility, comfort level, and stamina as you challenge your body and mind.  Whether you are brand new to yoga or have practiced for years, all levels are welcome.  This class is in a gently warmed room and moves at a steady pace to keep your practice fluid, creative, and energized.  We facilitate breakthroughs in strength and endurance, so count on leaving with a sense of energy and empowerment.

Yoga for Littles (recommended for ages 5-9)

Yoga for Middles (recommended for ages 10-13)

Come play with us!  Through classic yoga poses, breath work, games, simple meditation and relaxation, kids are given an opportunity to play and explore in a non-competitive environment.  We work on strength, balance, self-confidence, respect for self and others, as well as finding joy and vitality in our bodies.

Yoga–Family Style (ages 5+)

This class is specially designed for parents and children alike.  Classic poses, partner poses, balancing postures, games, breathing exercises and creative relaxation techniques will be offered with variations for parents and children.  This class is an ideal way to spend some family time together that is both fun and enriching for all participants.