Mary Bassey, LPC

Mary Bassey, LPCAt an early age of my life, I learned the importance of respect, relationships and second chances. Relationships help guide during the good times and the not so great times. I believe in honor and respect to all and the opportunity for second chances as we all need second chances in our life’s journey.

My goal is to empower and assist in getting my clients to their chosen next level and to achieve their goals. To be the voice, a guide, or the support that is needed. For the teenager needing direction or just trying to find oneself, an individual in a stressful job, an adult at a cross road of life, a single mother needing guidance and support, or the person needing to talk through their stage of life. I have experiences, knowledge and the ability to work with different kinds of people in various situations and stages of life.

I have had the opportunity to work with people individually and also in a group setting. My clients receive care in a safe, non-judgmental and compassionate atmosphere so that they feel comfortable to explore and work through their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

I studied at Dallas Baptist University and received my Masters of Arts degree in Counseling. I am licensed as a Professional Counselor in the state of Texas. My first degree was a Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies in London, England. My background is in Nursing, and I am also a certified case manager in the state of Texas.