Doug Bradt

Doug Bradt corporate coachingDoug is a life coach specializing in corporate and relational coaching.  Having spent 25 years in a corporate environment, most of which as a people-leader, he has witnessed the positive impact that quality, authentic, symbiotic relationships can have on a workforce.  Connecting who a person is to what they do provides for a more productive workplace.

Similarly, as a youth volunteer serving at his church home, Doug has seen the power that authentically connecting our youth with one another and their community can have.  From engaging more eagerly in opportunities within the church to serving others through mission trips, the foundation is the relationship with God and with one another.

Doug’s passion is to serve others.  He works with each client, meeting them where they are, and listens to their fears, assumptions, interpretations, and limiting beliefs keeping them from reaching their goals and living a more fulfilling life.  Once the recognition of these barriers is established, Doug invites his clients to create a path that leads them to the goals they desire to achieve.  Just as each of us has a unique set of gifts to offer our world, we also traverse paths that are unique to us.  Doug’s understanding and appreciation of this creates an environment that encourages his clients to fully invest in making the changes they seek for themselves.  Doug is a member of the iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) coaching community.

Doug has been married for 25 years, has two teenage children, and lives in Frisco with his family.  While he specializes in corporate and relational coaching, he also offers parent coaching, transitional coaching, as well as corporate group coaching opportunities.