Fees for psychological and psychoeducational evaluation

Fees for psychological and psychoeducational evaluation include all components of the evaluation. This includes interviews, observations, testing, scoring, report writing, and feedback session.  A flat fee is charged to give the psychologist the flexibility of administering additional tests without adding to the parents’ cost. Additionally, it is recognized that some children are slower to warm up and may take more time to feel comfortable enough to participate in testing. Other children take longer to complete cognitive tasks and may need multiple sessions. By charging a flat fee for psychological and psychoeducational evaluation, parents know from the beginning how much it will cost.

Insurance is not accepted for evaluation, but parents may submit receipts on their own.  There are several reasons, but the most important is that by charging a fee-for-service, the psychologist is free to work with parents to determine the most appropriate evaluation plan for their child, without needing to consult an insurance company for approval.  Additionally, client confidentiality is more secure because the parent determines what, if anything, to share with the insurance company.

Please call or email the office for details of fees and payment plans or you may contact Dr. Olson directly  at elizabetholson@plantingseedscc.com or 972-904-9256.